Drive time to ATP

I was finally approved for financing but live more than 1hr from the nearest ATP. I was told 40 mi ites is the max. Has anyone encountered this and could share thier experience? Also, someome me.tiined i could get my private then do 5 months but I dont understand why ATP would say that and why itnwoild impact the drice time


I would say an hour commute is doable, anything more than an hour an half is pushing it. You have to remember you need time to study, relax, eat, sleep and personal time while you’re attending ATP. The last thing you want to worry about is fatigue. This can be devastating on multiple levels as it could become catastrophic if it became chronic.

There are two program entries: Zero Time and Credit Private. I don’t think someone told you that coming in Credit Private would save you from your drive time… Unless they tried telling you that you could “save money” in the end.



I would lean towards the 40 minutes, I think an hour is long, especially on early mornings.

I would also encourage you to work on your writing. Your post is full of so many errors that it is difficult to read. How you present yourself matters.


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ATP has been training pilots for over 35yrs. If they say recommend that a commute that’s over an hour may be a problem there’s a reason for that.



Does the location offer student housing? That could be a solution to your lengthy commute.

Getting your private elsewhere is only recommended if you’re not 100% committed to becoming an airline pilot. Some people get their private at a young age others want to dip their toes in first and see how it goes… that’s the reason ATP offers a secondary entry point. It won’t necessarily save you money because you not only need your private license but also 78 hours of flight time to meet the admission requirements credit private. That can add up. Besides, if want the ATP quality training why start anywhere else.