Type rating

Hi pilots, a question came out of my head for some reason. During your time at the regionals, let’s say you came across ATP’s website again and saw the A320 type rating. Does getting an A320 type rating plus your time at the regionals with a regional jet type rating increase the chances getting hired at a major?


Great question and you might think it would but it does not.

First off most Majors want to train you to fly the way they want you to fly. Second not all Majors fly A320s so what would be the point. Finally it could actually work against you. Most pilots are aware the airline that hires you will train you so why would you spend the money out of your own pocket to get a random 320 type? Were you trying for a position elsewhere and get shot down? For many years SWA required their applicants to get their own 737 type ratings. When pilots with 737 types would apply to the legacies often they’d get passed on because the airlines were convinced they were waiting for SWA to call.

Long short if you want to fly for a Major be a good Regional pilot. Follow the rules, stay out of trouble, maybe volunteer for some union work and get great references. What you can’t do is “buy” your way in.



There was a time when a 737 type rating was required to apply for Southwest, but that time has long past. The majors are going to put you through training type rating or not, so it does not save them any money for you to already have one. I would focus more on doing well at the regionals and knowing the FARs well, plus building up your resume in other ways, such as College, community involvement, etc.



A lot has changed… you used to have for the type and hope you get hired to help pay off the bill. Now you get hired and the airline pays for your type rating. Honestly, we’re lucky things have changed and made it easier for pilots. However, it still requires some investment though… the initial training to 1500 hours is that time.