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Un-Manned Cockpits?

Hey guys,

I am preparing to begin ATP within the next 9 months after obtaining my PPL. Last week i read an article which to be honest, scared me. It basically stated that Boeing is going to start experimenting with Pilotless airliners. What are your opinions on this? Obviously there is already quite a bit of automation in cockpits, but do you think that airliners could become 100% automated within the next 30 years? Below i have posted the link to the article.


This subject pops up every now and then and while I dont had crystal ball I honestly wouldn’t be too concerned. Boeing is “studying” is a LONG way from it being implemented. Technology is a wonderful thing and manufacturers love to look to the future but we’re not there yet. First the technology needs to be developed along with infrastructure to support it (airport ground systems etc) , then it needs to pass regulations and finally (and in my opinion the biggest obstacle) is public acceptance and I don’t believe people are anywhere near ready to see an empty cockpit. Will we eventually go to a single pilot cockpit? I think you may see that in your lifetime but too many people have seen Sully for us to go full auto. :slight_smile: