is anyone else worried about this?

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I’m not. William I’m 53 and for as long as I can remember they’ve been talking about self-driving cars and I ain’t seen it yet. They still have “engineers” on trains and those travel on tracks and have been automated for decades. Will technology eventually engineer us out of the cockpit? I’m sure they will but I don’t believe it’ll be in my lifetime.


Thank you Adam!

I am 25 currently on my instrument rating. You still believe the outlook is strong for an airline career? This whole robot copilot things freaks me out lol


Like Adam, I am not remotely concerned about this. These articles pop up every six months and people get all concerned, but it never actually happens. Flying is just too complex with too many variables for it to be fully automated.


Thanks for the reply Chris! My dad was a Continental Captain and he tells me the same thing. I just get worried every time I read about it lol

What is your father’s name? I was with Continental before the merger.

I appreciate the question as I had the same concern. I am currently an engineer for the Boeing Company (but I will be starting my flight training at ATP very soon to pursue my dream of becoming an Airline Pilot) and Boeing is known for absorbing these types of companies into the larger Boeing Collective (Star Trek reference for you fellow nerds out there). I wouldn’t worry about pilots being replaced at any point in our career (I am currently 23). A very important component of flying utilizes the carefully honed/refined senses that a pilot develops over the course of their training and experience. Automation is very far away from reaching a level to where we will be out of a job in the future. Hopefully that helps.


What do you think of re-titling this thread to be “Boeing 359” ?


Haha I concur with that title change!

I had a feeling that you would get that one :slight_smile:

I am 36, so when I was a kid the Next Generation was still in production, I watched every episode multiple times. I also saw Star Trek VI in the theaters, it was the last one with the full, original cast. I never could quite get into all of the other spin offs that followed.

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I have seen everything up through season 6 of Voyager. Next Generation is still my all time favorite. Definitely love re-watching episodes! Piccard will always be my favorite Captain!

I might have to disagree with you there. Picard was good, but nobody can ever top James T. Kirk.

Kirk comes in for a very close second for me ha. Will always be a Spock fan though!

If you guys don’t stop I’m gonna have to give you both wedgies!


Garrett - Thanks for the insight that was great info!

Chris - His name is Bill Longino. He retired right before the merger…that sure would be cool if yall have flown together!

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I definitely did not fly with him, I would have remembered if I had.

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