Uniforms and Gear?

Hey there!

So this was something that I’m just curious about and it may seem like a dumb question but again just a random thought I’ve been thinking about. How do uniforms and personal flight gear policies work at different airlines? For example, if I’m about to join an airline and I have my own uniform and headset and other gear pertaining to it all am I allowed to use it as an airline pilot? Or do I have to use everything that’s outlined in the airlines’ policy? Only reason I ask is because, for my headset as an example, I just recently got the Bose A20’s and I’ve fallen in love with them so if an airline would allow it, I can definitely see myself using them throughout my career.

Thanks, John.


There’s a HUGE difference between headsets (and other gear, flight case, etc) and uniforms. As long as the headset you own is TSO’d (meaning it’s been approved for use by the FAA, which the A20 is) you’re fine. That said after you move on to larger planes (more quieter planes) you may change your mind (I was/am a huge Bose fan but no longer use them). Most Boeings and Airbus’ are incredible quiet and you’ll find the majority of pilots using the company supplied single or double eared light weight Telex (or something comparable) since the noise cancelling is no longer needed. Now if you want to continue rocking your Bose that’s find but you may actually find it less useful since the other pilots aren’t using the intercom any longer and honestly you’ll look kind of silly. But your call.

Now when it comes to uniforms ALL airlines (Regionals and Majors) have specific uniform policies which must be adhered to. But policy or not (with the exception of maybe some nice white shirts you have) do you really think Delta wants you wearing your SkyWest hat, pants and blazer? Besides, why would you want to?