Bose Headset

I was just wanting to double check on something before I sent the money on a pair. You ARE allowed to wear these at the regionals right?

Yes, as long as they are TSO compliant.

Affirmative :wink:


Just to clarify if you’re talking about the Bose A20 Aviation headset the answer is definitely. If you’re talking about buying some Bose Quiet Comfort and sticking on the funky mike cords some other company sells the answer is no.


Is this the same case with the Lightspeed Zulu’s? Got a pair and I really like them. The ANR and superb noise isolation might be overkill in a jet but they’re super comfy :slight_smile:

You will have to check and see if they are TSO compliant. There should be a tag somewhere on it that indicates this. If there is no tag, I would be highly suspicious of it.


The Zulu’s are extremely nice. They meet or exceed the TSO standards but I don’t believe they carry the “TSO Compliant” label. You will be limiting your employment to where they are accepted equipment, some airlines require it. Where them in training and see where you get hired. It might not be an issue.

I am going to disagree with Zac on this one. Regardless of whether or not your airline makes a big deal of headsets being TSO compliant, the FAA cares and it only takes one inspector to make a major issue of it. If the headsets do not have the TSO tag, I would never wear them in an airliner.