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United Airlines-Bachelor Degree?

Hey Everyone,

I was recently reading United Aviates Website and read that they require you to have a bachelor’s degree by the time you transition to United. I was checking to see how much truth is in that, I thought I was previously told that they did not require college experience.

Thanks in advance!


Not sure who “previously told” you a degree is not needed, but I’d take the actual written word published on the UNITED AIRLINES website over something I was told.



Yes, you must have a bachelor’s degree by the time you transition to United, but you do not need one before then. Of course there do interview people and there is no guarantee of acceptance, so a degree certainly helps from the beginning and is required by the end of the program.


You’ll find that applying to most jobs, programs, or whatever in the aviation industry that they usually don’t lie about the requirements they set. So yes there is all the truth in that, or else they wouldn’t have posted it.

It does state on their website it’s a requirement. Typically you’ll notice that if it’s posted as a requirements, it’s their MINIMUM expectation of you to meet. From what I’ve heard from a United HR rep, right now AVIATE has over 4,000 applications to sift through. Believe me when I say, they could easily use a degree to separate those getting interviews and those we aren’t if they wanted to. They want the best applicants so instead of thinking about the minimum bar to meet, focus on making yourself the strongest candidate.


The reason I asked, is because it stated on ATP’s website, " it’s preferred for pilots to hold a bachelor’s degree". So that is where I previously heard it from.