United bachelor's degree

In the attached image, United says that they equally value a bachelor’s degree with, A) graduate from United Aviate Academy, and B) gain 1000 hours as a captain at one of the partnered regional airlines. My question is, if I do one of them instead of a college degree, would I actually be just as prioritized as another pilot with just a degree? Thank you


That’s not how I read the above at all. I see nothing saying they’re all “equally valued”? They say to transition to United you must have one of the following. To my knowledge and experience a 4yr degree still has (and will continue to have) greater weight as demonstrated by the percentage of degree holders in their newhire classes.



This only applies to their Aviate participants. If you are in the Aviate program, to be eligible to flow through you need to either have the degree, or put in additional hours as a captain at their regional partners.

If you’re applying as an applicant outside of Aviate, your application is evaluated on a points system. Not having a degree puts an applicant at a point deficit from the start which has to be made up in other ways.


Thank you Hannah, that helps