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Hello, I was wondering on the website and found that United airlines hire airlines including commute/United Express, Go-Jet airlines and Mesa airlines from ATP, what is the difference (Not including the pay) with the advantages and disadvantages from each airline and which one has the best possibility for being hired at United one day. (Examples, Airplanes/Fleet, time availability go to work, and tuition/financing)


Here is a link to a comparison of the current available programs: Compare Airline Sponsored Assistance for Pilots / ATP Flight School

Keep in mind these are what’s available today. Things can and do change and may be very different when you’re ready.

As for advantages/disadvantages most of those are completely subject based on your priorities. For example perhaps you really want to fly an EMB195. If the only airline flying that plane doesn’t have any bases near you is that more important than commuting? Further again the top Regional today might not be tomorrow.

Frankly I’d think more about learning to fly than worrying about what uniform you may or may not be wearing years from now.


Ok thank you, If I don’t live near a base what should I do. I also saw that united has two new bases in May 2023 at Las Vegas and Orlando Florida does those count as bases for ONLY United airlines, and not Mesa/ Commute etc? And also could you be able to give me a definition for commuting?
Also is it difficult to be to accepted into United Aviate


United bases are not necessarily the same as their Regional partners. You need to look at the specific Regional hiring pages for info on their bases or visit Airline Pilot Central.

Commuting means traveling to work. Even if you have a short drive to the airport that’s a commute (in a sense). However when pilots refer to commuting they mean living far enough away that you can’t drive or it’s not practical and you need to fly. The good thing is as pilots we can jumpseat on most airlines (not just our own) provided there’s room. The bad news is it’s YOUR responsibility to get to work on time and rested. This may mean coming in a day early and going home a day late which will cost you days off. While many pilots do commute, most don’t recommend it.

As for Aviate, that’s United’s name for their various pathways to the airline. To come in after you’re done training, provided you’ve done well and have no problems on your record is pretty easy. To be accepted into their academy is not. My understanding is they’ve received thousands of applications and the acceptance rate is low due to limited slots.


Thanks, when you mean “ jump seat” into most airlines does that mean you travel for free or does it cost you money if so around how much? To make sure what you are saying you will go onto a airline that you could go on to “jump seat” and you will fly to a base for that airline you will be working for, and when you shift is over you will hop on a flight back home, because that airline that you will work at does not have a base depending on where you live. And finally, how many times could you apply for United Aviate after getting your private license, every week, month, year, etc.

(Will the commuting flight to the work base be a private flight or a normal passenger flight and how much time off of work would you spend doing it on your free time?)

Thank you for responding, Orlando


Yes jumpseating is free but again there has to be an open seat and no these are not private aircraft. These are regularly scheduled flights.

As for how often you could apply, that’s a question for United but understand this is not a lottery or sweepstakes. The amount of entrys will not improve your odds of success.


Ok, can you name a couple of airlines that does jump seating and how would you find a jump seating seat when you are a beginner regional pilot starting to do it?


Just about every airline in the United States has jumpseat agreements, that’s legacies, majors, regionals and sometimes even smaller Part 135 carriers. If there is a flight from your home to your base and you’re a CASS approved airline employee, you will be eligible for a jumpseat.

There is an ALPA app plus dozens others that can help you find flights between A and B and how to list on a specific airlines jumpseat.

Again, don’t be worried about that now, it’s years away. Focus on getting started!


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