Upcoming Pilot Shortage

I’m in high school and want to become an airline pilot. I’ll be entering the work force around 2023. I was wondering if because of the pilot shortage if at that time you would be able to go from flight school/college straight to a legacy carrier or would you still have to spend some time in the regionals.



None of us have crystal balls but I doubt it. The current system of gaining experience at a Regional before moving to a Major has been going on for decades and works well. The only way that would really change if the Regionals went away or got absorbed by the Majors which I also don’t see happening. As long as Regionals exist that will be the first stop on your route. Btw, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with Regional flying. Most pilots get the bulk of their experience Regional flying and it’s invaluable.



You will never see that change happen. The regionals play an important role serving thinner markets that the legacy carriers can’t support, so they aren’t going anywhere. Also, the regionals play an important role in training new pilots for the majors, it is a well established system that isn’t going to change anytime soon.