Arlington GKY update

Hello from Arlington. Just a quick update since things have been so busy and I havent reported in awhile. I am done with my multi engine checkride and passed with flying colors (pun intended) and am currently working on Instrument.

Everything at my training location is still above and beyond what I hoped for. The instructors have been extremely helpful and after my Multi check I was moved to an instructor named Josh Gilbert. Fantastic instructor and one of the more senior ones at the location. I was impressed with my instructor before but the level that Josh has kicked it up to while still making sure I follow and driving me to be a better pilot is just amazing. I also want to make a quick comment on the center manager John and lead instructor Tim. I am usually there early in the morning to study some while its quiet. At least once a week one or both of these two will walk by and ask how I am doing, if I have any concerns or questions and to let me know if I need anything to just let them know. The few times I have had any questions they have been extremely helpful and taken care of any and all concerns with no delay. I love my training location and the professionalism shown in the investment I made to move my career forward as a Pilot and have given my recommendation to all who ask me for ATP.

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I am so glad to hear that you are pleased with the program and doing well. I have passed your compliments about your instructors onto ATP management, they love hearing feedback of all kinds and of course really like to hear such positive feedback.

Congratulations on passing your multi checkride! Thank you for the update, please keep checking in with us.


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Never had a doubt you’d do well. It’s all about attitude! Congrats and keep it up!


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Thank you I appreciate that and they deserve it. Appreciate the mentorship here.