Various Questions

Hey guys, just have a couple of various questions that hopefully I can get some insight on.

First, if someone goes through ATP program successfully and wants to instruct for ATP afterwards are they able to wait for a time period and then come back and instruct? Or do they have to instruct right after their training?

Secondly, do you think it’s doable to finish online degree while being a CFI?

Thirdly, are airline pilots allowed to stay with friends that live in the same city that you are staying at for the night? Or do you have to stay with the crew at the hotel?

Thanks, Jesse

Hello Jesse,

Good questions so let’s get you some answers.

  1. If you check the ATP website it states for the guaranteed instructor position you MUST accept an instructor proficiency program start date within 60 days. Not sure how much time you’re looking for and you may be able to get a little more time but not much. The thing is ATP wants you back in the cockpit instructing while you’re skills are fresh and sharp. Pilot skills are perishable skills.

  2. While anything is possible it would be very difficult. As an ATP instructor you need to be available Mon-Fri and at all hours which doesn’t leave that much time for studying. You could I believe get a jump on a few classes by doing most of the work on weekends but I don’t see how you could complete one in the 1.5-2yrs you’ll be instructing.

  3. You can stay wherever you like on over night and many pilots have friends they meet up with when they travel. Main thing is you need to let your other crewmembers know and provide them with contact info, just in case.


Awesome, thanks for speedy reply. Pretty cool that you can meet up with family or friends, even if it’s just a night.


I am getting a BSc online with Embry Riddle and it has been manageable. I received 34 credits for the ratings I already had, so that knocked off a significant chunk of time. The assignments are due once a week and there are no classes you need to attend so that leaves you a pretty flexible schedule.
You will definitely not be able to finish the degree while instructing, but you will finish in time for a job at a major carrier.


Thanks Yarden!

Yarden, I too have been looking into embry riddle to earn a degree for the majors. The 34 credits for the ratings you already had, is that your ATP training? In terms of a 4 year degree, what kind of a head start did that give you time wise?


Yes, the 34 credits are for the 8 ratings I got through ATP (Private thru CFII).

In terms of time, it is about a year’s worth of classes.


Nice! That’s a big help towards a degree

Which degree are you going for?

It’s a B.Sc in Aeronautics.

The very one I was looking at. How are you finding it? Easy material and course

I’ll tell you the truth, it is pretty easy. The material is very basic, and there is pretty much no stress on timeframes and due dates. The schedule is very flexible and allows me to work and study simultaneously.

But on the other hand, I rarely learn anything that is related to aeronautics or aviation. Next term for example, I am taking Aviation Legislation and Business Communications, both classes are focused more on essay writing than on aviation. Most of the classes that I have taken so far turned out to be pretty disappointing. I never thought that I’d have to write so many essays in such a short period of time.

Overall, it gets the job done and it is convenient for me. I am getting this degree to make myself eligible for the majors and nothing more, so it suits my situation.


That’s my goal as well. And I’m really liking the credit for ATP. It’s been awhile since I’ve been in school and I haven’t been to college, but essays I can handle. Sounds like you’ve got a great gig going!