VFR vs. IFR approach proceedures

Good Morning Chris- thank you for the opportunity to participate in this forum, it will be very helpful to me. My first question is:

  1. If I am on an IFR planned flite and am on final approach under IFR and the runway comes into view visually, do I remain under IFR or can I switch to VFR on the approach and landing? It is my understanding that I should remain under IFR unless the Tower instructs me to switch over to VFR. What is the answer to this question?


Once a flight is filed under IFR it will typically remain as such until touchdown. A lot of times flights are in good, clear weather for the entire route, but the pilot files IFR to take advantage of various ATC services. By the way, all airline flights are filed under IFR.
This kind of information will be covered far more in-depth during your instrument training.