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What age can you start the process

I wanted to start flight training as soon as possible. What is the minimum age you can start training/the process. Can you start before the training part before 16/17? Also, what is the steps form starting all the way to a private license.


You can get your Student Pilot license at 16 and earn your Private license at 17. The process is easy. You simply need to apply and get an FAA medical.


Thanks. And is the minimum age to begin 16. If so can you get your license in less than a year?


My CFI knowledge is getting rusty. Contact a local flight school to confirm, but if I remember correctly you can receive flight training from a CFI at any age, but to solo you must hold a Student Pilot Certificate and in order to hold a Student Pilot Certificate you must be at least 16.


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I am curious, why the rush to start so soon? Why not wait a few years until you can actually train and get your license?