What to do?

I’m sitting “ground idle” i guess you can say. I have a little over a year left before my military enlistment is up and I can start my flight training. Seniority seems to be the key to being a pilot so i feel like every minute I’m not working towards becoming a pilot I’m falling further and further behind. Is there anything I can knockout now that you guys can think of that will keep me occupied and moving in the right direction? TIA


You could start studying for your written exams, but don’t take them too far out as the results are only valid for two years. The first would of course be the Private Pilot exam.

Other than that, I would just sit tight and look forward to starting your training.


Really not much you can do but if flying is what you really want to do that should be motivation enough.


Depending on how well you learn from reading books there are some great books on airspace, weather, and aerodynamic principals out there. Look at the bookstores from Utah Valley and Embry Riddle or go to PilotMall.com and dive into some reading. Knowing how different forces affect flight and understanding the different airspace rules could give you a great head start on Private Pilot knowledge.

The written exam prep is another great idea but wait until about 4 months or so before your start date. That’ll leave enough time to get all the necessary test completed.