When should I start flight school as a 15 year old?

Hello, I’m Canaan! I’ve been interested in aviation for about 5 years now and have decided that I would like to pursue a career in aviation as a pilot for Delta. I only live an hour away from Delta’s major hub so I decided to go with them. I’m only 15 years old though and don’t know the right time to start flight school. I plan to go to college as a backup plan if something goes wrong, but I plan to pursue aviation as my full-time job. I want to start my career as soon as possible but I know that I should invest most of my time in school for right now. Does anyone have any advice?


Yes, just keep doing what you’re doing. The best thing you can do is continue your education, do well in HS and then in college (yes airlines like Delta look at your grades). After that it’ll be time to start your flight training. I know you’re anxious but that’s really the best route.


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Thanks for the advice! I’ll continue my education as it’s the smartest route.