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Where to go from here?

Ok guys. I am a married 32 year old father whom has a PASSION for aviation. I flew single engine with my grandfather when i was a kid. now im all grown up and still have that bite i got back then. I even went to school for maintenance ( that i cant really use) which is why im doing research before diving in again. My question is this. With having the family and bills and responsibilities that I have, how on earth do I go about becoming a commercial pilot? I know that it is very expensive. The program that ATP is offering is very tempting, However i have learned that not all that glitters is gold. does anyone have any input on this?


First things first, I strongly suggest that to take an introductory flight before making any further plans. It is one hint to like airplanes or to have ridden in them, but an introductory flight is designed to give you hands on experience and this truly see if you are interested in flying for a living.

In regards to ATP, they have been training future airline pilots for decades and have very high success rates. There are of course some students that require additional training, but the vast majority finish the program on time.

To read some unedited stories from current ATP students check out the “Student Experiences” section of this website.

Let us know what questions you have.



As Chris said read what other students are saying vs just listening to us. But while I agree with your “not all that glitters” the fact is there has been no better time in history to become a pilot. Salaries have doubled and the Regionals are actively recruiting like never before. Read this forum, ask questions and visit some of the Regional websites and you’ll see what we’re talking about.


Hey dude! I’m 41 in UK and just had an interview with a major…(which I flunked but that’s another story). Age shouldn’t be a factor but if I were you if you do decide to go for it to get your skates on. I am hoping my recent interview wasn’t my one and only chance!

I qualified when I was 26 but due to various issues wasn’t able to apply until I was 32. The great recession put paid to my chances until this year (apparently), and I have had to maintain my A) medical and b) IR on my own bankroll since then.

I am also a father (of three) and I can tell you having responsibilities like that is a major cause for concern for me if and when I am fortunate enough to get another interview. Currently Eurowings is chasing me, but if I am lucky enough to get the gig I will need to move to Palma and support myself, all the while paying a mortgage in London and supporting my family in UK. Oh, and did I mention I will have to take a £15000 P/a paycut?