where to start?

Hello, my name is Niya and before I began I would like to Thank you guys for taking the time out to respond to our community inspiring to be amazing Pilots. I graduated from college with a sport science and fitness degree but even then I knew i wanted to touch the skies. I turn 25 this year and finally have the time to put aside to start collecting my certification but where do I start? I plan on applying to my local flight school ATP flight school of charlotte but of course flying isn’t cheap as you know so my question is what are the steps to take to become a pilot with zero experience or money? what is some advance you would give with me starting at my age and becoming a commercial pilot? and the best way to build flying hours after certified?

Hello Niya,
Here is what I did. I filled out the application for student loan. ATP contacted me afterwards and kept in touch. Once approved the process is fairly simple, like selecting a start date. However, if you’re just starting looking into things, I would do some more research. Also, take an intro flight if you’ve never flown a plane before. See if this is what you really want. The people at ATP are great and really helpful. Talk to them.



Spend some time in the FAQ section. A lot of your questions can be answered there. https://airlinepilot.life/c/Ask-your-questions-and-get-real-answers-from-real-pilots/frequently-asked-questions


THANK YOU !!! and I have done a decovery flight already and fell in love !!! Just curious how long having you been flying ?? And how long did it actually take to become a full time Pilot??

Thanks again

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I’m actually in the same boat as you are. I’m starting in May. However, some of the pilots here can tell you about getting hired and how long.