Which headset to buy?

Hey everyone,

So I recently took the leap and am enrolled to start Oct.10th at the Arlington location. I’ve gone through the list and bought the majority of the supplies I’ll need but I’m still needing to buy my headset. I’m in-between 3 different pairs, Bose ($1050), Lightspeed Zulu ($850), and Lightspeed Sierra ($650), from what I’ve seen on all three they seem all about the same with functions such as Active Noise Cancellation so I’m leaning towards the Sierra. Do you have any suggestions, recommendations, or experiences with these or others I should look at before making a purchase?


If you search the forum you’ll see the “Great Headset Debate” rears it’s head every few months or so. Each of us have our preference.

With that in mind I’ll start with BOSE BOSE and did I say BOSE? To me there’s Bose, and then there’s every other headset. Bose are light, incredibly comfortable and exceptionally quiet. They also have fantastic durability and best customer service in the industry. Many will say they’re too expensive but here’s the thing. You’ll be wearing them daily during your training and time building (2yrs+) followed by your time at a Regional (say 4yr average) at a very minimum (once you get to a minimum you may or may not continue to need them?). That’s $1050 over 6yrs which really isn’t bad. Others will say buy something basic now which to me is foolish (unless money is a problem). If you do that I promise you’ll be buying 2 headsets (the first plus the Bose you really want). Bottomline is you’re going to have some VERY long days ahead of you. Wearing a loud, uncomfortable headset has been proven to contribute to fatigue. If you’re going to commit to being a professional, why not use what the pro’s use?

Now here’s Chris to tear the Bose down (but he’s just jealous he never got a set for Christmas and is bitter :wink:).



Well when you put it that way it does make sense and Christmas is right around the corner if you want to convert him to a Bose user.

I’ve had the DC ProX since training in 2017. Occasionally still pull them out the bag when the jets set is bad.

I’d say Bose is better sound quality but I like the slightly smaller ProX.

As Adam said, it’s a debate. You’ll be happy with almost any of them.

Chris F

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I have to admit, I had David Clarke headset for many years, I recently purchased a Bose A20 Aviation Headset for the regionals. In my off time from training, I have used it multiple times and enjoyed every flight I’ve done.

At least we haven’t gotten to the sunglasses yet. :wink:


Adam must be forgetting the post where I announced my conversion to being pro Bose. They work great, although I do recommend investing in some rechargeable batteries.


I did! It only took you 20yrs!


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Lightspeeds are not TSO certified which poses a problem at the airlines as they all require pilots to use TSO certified headsets.

Bose no contest.