Why is part 141 better than part 61

I have heard part 61 has no ground school and it is very hard to study on your own. I am looking at various flight schools and want to know why people feel part 141 is the way to go or if part 61 is worth it.

I am planning to go full time and have my training paid for by my parents so I want the best training.

Is ATP only part 61?


I have trained under both part 141 and part 61. I obtained my private license part 141 through a flight school in Virginia. It was an absolute nightmare. The program was so bogged down with red tape that it took much longer than it was supposed to. There are absolutely needless restrictions with part 141 that really restrict both the instructor and the student. It sounds like a good concept, but like with most things the government gets its hands on, it is a bureaucratic web.

Part 61 still has many requirements that need to be met, but it allows the CFI to customize to the students needs. Any good part 61 program will also include some heavy ground school.

Keep in mind that at the end of the day, both programs end with the exact same FAA checkride.



Everyone has an opinion and I believe you’ll find people who have done their training Part 141 thinks it’s best and visa versa. I’m no different as I’m partial to Part 61. Part 141 is HIGHLY structured. There are min time requirements for each skill and subject. Conversely Part 61 allows for more flexibility in training. If you can read a paragraph explaining holding patterns and understand the concept, then why should you have to spend 2.5hrs of ground school on the subject? In my opinion you shouldn’t. ATP trains Part 61 because that flexibility allows them to accelerate the program. Yes there most definitely is a considerable amount of self-study. Whether “it is very hard to study on your own” or not is really up to you. Some people prefer it, others don’t and which is best can be debated. That said what’s noteworthy to me is that ATP is modeled after actual airline training. While airline training actually falls under Part 121, you’ll find it’s significantly more close to Part 61 than 141. If self-study is a problem, I can tell you from my considerable experience that you will not enjoy airline training as the vast majority is self-study.

Better to get used to it sooner than later.


Isn’t part 61 longer dont you know you need more hours to get your CPL with part 61. like over 250 hours compared to 190 for 141?


While the min hour requirements may be less, as I said the specific requirements for each skill and segment can and usually are much more time consuming. Case in point simply check 141 flight schools for how long it will take you to complete the program vs ATPs 9mos. Most 141 schools take 1.5-2yrs to complete.

As I said, opinions vary and if you’ve got your heart set on 141 training then have at it but if you’re concern is timeliness you’ll be disappointed.


Adam it sounds like more and more you work for ATP lol. 1.5 to 2 years? Where did you hear that. That is if someone flies once a week. Come on man stop spining fake news.

I know of 2-3 students who are working as CFI’s only after 12 months at a part 141 school flying 5-6 days a week. Sorry buddy sounds like ATP propaganda from you. You’re kind of losing credibility with each post.

Bobby my friend,

And you sound like a spoiled child who’s not hearing what he wants to hear. Since daddy is paying for the training why don’t you just let him pick a school for you? (Unless ATP is beyond the budget he set?). While you may know 2-3 CFIs, I know literally HUNDREDS of airline pilots who trained with ATP and not a single one who trained at your beloved Phoenix East. I did just check their website and I know understand why you’re on this forum. They’re so popular that they have had a blog post since June but as you said they “blow ATP out of the water”. So I guess if you want to be amongst the 2-3 CFIs you know then again by all means. You obviously feel VERY strong about your choice (hmmm starting to sound like you work there?) and therefore should go with it.

Despite your hostility and personal attacks (and trust me, if you believe ANYTHING believe that I don’t need to moonlight anywhere) I welcome you to check in and let us know your progress.

Peace out and please try and relax. High BP is a disqualifier for a First Class Medical :wink: