Wireless Headsets

I will be starting flight school in january and was wondering what recommended headsets you’ve used or heard positive things about. I was leaning toward the light speed tango because they are wireless. Any thoughts?


I am not a fan of wireless or anything else that involves a battery. Call me paranoid, but I do not want to trust my ability to communicate with ATC to two AA batteries. It seems that most people really prefer the Bose headsets (which I believe use batteries). I went cheap and bought a pair of Lightspeeds that were not noise canceling and was rather happy with them.



Chris is right. Batteries die and ALWAYS at the worst time! Yes the Bose use batteries BUT they still work if the batteries die (you just lose the active noise cancelling). Bose are what I always used. They’re light, comfy and quiet. everything you want. They’re well built and if you ever have a problem Bose offers excellent service.

That’s my 2 cents.



I also use Bose A20 and it is wonderful!!


Thanks for the insight. I’ll spend the extra money and get the Bose A20. Thanks again

Anytime. I think you will be pretty darn happy with those.

Are you able to use your own headset once you get to the airlines? Also, I am assuming I would need the 2 plug connectors for the aircraft ATP has?


Yes you can. That’s one of the reasons I say spend the money and get a good headset because you’ll be using it for years and will more than get your money’s worth out of it. I used my Bose during training at ATP, as an instructor for ATP and during my almost 10 yrs at ExpressJet in the RJ. When I got to Hawaiian I stopped simply because the cockpits in the bigger planes are just so quiet you just need a small single ear Telex. The standard 2 plug works in virtually all aircraft except helicopters and Airbus. Airbus uses a single plug DIN type but there are adapters you can get.


Awesome! I was looking at the Bose A20, but did not know if it would be worth the investment. I had used them a few months ago when I went up with a friend and they were amazing! Looks like it will be well worth the investment.

Thank you and hope you enjoy the holiday,

You too sir!