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Work / Life Balance

In this line of work , especially if you’re based away from home, is it really possible to be able to hang out with your hometown friends and family? Ive heard a lot of okay and terrible things about commuting, my biggest concern is leaving everything behind, I’d be happy to fly but my foundation is here.

I know the pay would be considerably less, but just how bad would pay be if I stuck to short haul flights? If my salary hangs anywhere in the 70-80k(I know in any case Id have to work up to it)
I would be content if it meant I can also continue being with important people to me.


Pilots fly all over the world and spend a fair amount of time on the road. Even at smaller airlines, pilots are gone a fair amount. With a lot of seniority it might be possible to do single day trips, but even that can be hard as that is not really how airlines build trips.

I would strongly suggest that if you get hired by an airline that you move to wherever you are based. You will have far more time at home that they and will be able to better foster your relationships.