Life as a pilot

With having a family( wife and kids). With Being a pilot, is it hard to maintain your family and work. Or is it a nightmare for your wife and kids.

The mentors will probably chime in soon but there are pros and cons to it like every job. Unlike other jobs when you are off you litterally dont have to think about it again until your next day to work and can spend those days doing what you want but you will be on the bottom of senority for a little so you will get the sh!t schedules where you will miss different things that normal people staying at home may not.

Its all about what you want. For me I’ve always worked 2 jobs so I’m used to missing things but I’m optimistic about the future pay and schedule where I can be home more when the kids will be teens and will remember the vacations more and can be there in the challenging years of high school.

Chris has said he gets to live where he wants and just commutes to work and he also gets to see his kids when hes off without having to pay outrageous amounts to do it (non rev).

Adam has openly stated on other threads that he has missed alot of his kids growing up (ball games, dances, birthday parties) but he now bids a reserve schedule where he can do what he wants even on days hes scheduled as within the 2 hour call out from the airport and can make it to work when called.


Everything at the airlines is based on seniority. When you’re a new pilot you’ll fly where, when and how often the airline needs you to with little control over your schedule. You can plan on being gone half the month and missing holidays for a while. Things improve when you gain some seniority but with every move (from FO to Capt, Regional to a Major) you’ll be back at the bottom. Truth is it can be a challenge. Many make it work just fine, others struggle. Most important is having the support of your family and spouse. Without that you’re doomed.



Take a look at our schedules section of this forum as it will give you a very good idea of what pilot schedules look like. Pay particular attention to mine and Tory’s as Adam’s is a bit of an anomaly.