1st Class Medical - Cholesterol & Heart Tests


I’m currently 29, have absolutely zero time as a pilot, but am strongly considering changing careers and pursuing the dream I’ve had since I was a child: becoming a commercial airline pilot. I’ve been doing a lot of research lately and this forum has been invaluable in that regard.

I did some digging into what is included as a part of a First Class Medical exam and found that your heart health is one of the things they look at closely (and rightfully so). I don’t have any history of heart health problems, however I have a significant genetic history of both cholesterol and blood pressure problems. I am currently on medications to control both. I’ve had an ECG test and an ultrasound exam from a cardiologist who determined my heart was perfectly healthy with no signs of a problem.

My question is this: would these treatments in any way hinder me from passing a First Class Medical exam? And if for some reason they might, would working on controlling these risk factors to bring levels down further help pass the exam later on down the line?

Thank you in advance!


Short answer they may or may not. When it comes to medical advice that’s well above our pay grade and you need to contact an AME (Aviation Medical Examiner). Only they can tell you how big an issue it is. What I can tell you is once you check “Yes” on the medical history form it then goes to the FAA and they’ll want as much info as possible to make a determination.

I recommend you find and AME in your area AND speak with your own Dr, tell him what you’re doing so he can aid the AME in getting you approved IF it’s possible.



You will need to direct those questions to an FAA medical examiner, only they are qualified to answer such questions.



With a little research, you can also familiarize yourself with the disqualifying conditions and medications on the FAAs website. Still, the AME will probably defer your application to the FAA for review who will make the final decision.