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Medical check

How stringent are the medical tests? I haven’t suffered from anything major ever and nor do I have anything like diabetes, but my family still feels I might not be that fit to be a pilot. Could you help by stating few very important health issues which won’t be compromised upon?


The exam itself really isn’t too tough it’s really the medical history that gets many people. The FAA wants to know about EVERYTHING that may impact you’re ability to safely transport passengers under your charge. There’s height/weight, vision (a biggy), hearing, urine screen and an EKG after 35. What is it that concerns your family? You need not disclose it here but if there’s a concern about something specific you should contact an AME (Aviation Medical Examiner) and find out for certain.


I’ll add that first and foremost, AME’s are your doctor. They won’t hand out a 1st Class Medical if you shouldn’t have one but they are very good at answering any questions you might have. They are also the best source of advice on how to get into compliance with the regulations.