30 years old. No Degree. Sallie Mae approved. 10 years of work experience


When I learned about ATP and fast track flight programs. My eyes lit up, I quickly applied to school, got the loan approved, passed first class medical exam. Started studying PHAK and taking little tests on sporty’s private study buddy app.

Now my next step is compass pilot aptitude tests. I’m worried. It’s been a while since college which I didn’t finish back in 2013 bc of personal reasons and honestly was financially satisfied with my $75k+/year job.

Is that the same compass test that airlines give their pilots to pass upon hiring? Or is it a modified version to asses my basic knowledge? When I was on the phone with admissions office person, he told me it’s common sense and IQ test. When I started looking into it on pilot test dot com website I learned that the compass aptitude tests are not that simple. Definitely takes practice and more than common sense. I know how to orient in space I just need a little time to figure out the heading, look at the instruments/pictures of answers. Some memory tests are brutal as you have to use sometimes 3 different sets of toggles. Math problems I can deal with pretty easy but spatial awareness and memory are just too fast. That’s just based of pilot test dot com website material.

How important is that test? How many days since they send me the link to take it? I’ve operated excavators growing up, done timing belt jobs and pretty much anything on cars and motorcycles. I can take things apart and put them together by memory and “common sense”. The compass aptitude test I encounter on pilot test dot com is next level and I’d need to prepare for sure…

Sorry for long message and thank you for any advice

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I would not stress this, just take the test and see how you do. I am not sure what is on the website, but it is a common sense test and there really is no studying for it. Either you get the concepts or you do not.

Operating excavators and repairing equipment are very different skills from flying an airplane, I wold not expect there to be much correlation.


I just took the test. Like Chris said it’s nothing to study for. I practiced for the wrong tests. It was NOT the actual pilots aptitude test like what I found when I was googling compass pilots aptitude tests. Its more like or is Pre-COMPASS. Very simple, at times tricky. Be quick and focused. If anybody chooses to practice which I would have if I did it again. look for material on Pre-COMPASS.


Good info, thank you.