COMPASS question

I am about to start the admission process, and I wanted to ask about the COMPASS test. I am not crazy worried about it but on the website it said you do not have to take it if you have a qualifying High school GPA. I only graduated 2 years ago, so I wanted to know what the requirement is


You’d have to check with admin but I believe the test exemption is only if you’re going straight from HS to ATP.

As for the Compass exam I really wouldn’t stress over it. It’s not something you can prepare or study for. It’s simply an aptitude test and it’s better to find out before you invest a whole lot of money whether yours is at a high enough level for aviation or not.


Hi Adam,

I am just starting the process of looking into flight school. I am finishing up my sophomore year of college, and the aviation industry has always been a dream of mine. Recently, I learned about ATP, and it looks like a very thorough and well-credited company. I am trying to learn more about it, but to apply to the school, I was told you needed one of these items:

  • Private Pilot’s license
  • Bachelors Degree
  • Masters Degree
    -2 Years military

I do not have credentials for any of the items listed above. I was told that I would be able to take the COMPASS test in order to serve as one of those items, although I am wondering how the strength of the COMPASS test will stack up in comparison to the other items. Do you think that the test by itself would be enough to gain consideration into the program? I am a good student and have held a 3.75+ GPA for every semester in college.

If there is anything that you would suggest in my situation?


Welcome to the forum. Check out this link:

Two ways you might qualify are:

  • A qualifying weighted High School GPA (recent High School Graduates only), or
  • A qualifying standardized test score (SAT or ACT),

Any of those, or the Compass test should be able to help gain admissions into the program. It would be best to call the admissions department at 904- 595-7950 to discuss your situation directly with them.


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