48 and looking to attempt a pilot career again

I received the ratings of private, instrument, commercial, multi, CFI, CFII, and MEI from 2020 to 2021. I graduated in September of 2021 with these ratings in was hired by the school I attended (formerly Comair Aviation Acacademy in Sanford, FL). Due to the current situation they required me to move my family (I had a wife, 1 child, and another child that was born April 1, 2022). Long story short I could not get enough hours due to the conditions after September 11th and had to move my family back home to Indiana so I could get a job to help my familly. I tried for years to try to get another flight instructor postion but the enviroment didn’t allow that so I moved on and opened a business in 2006.

The business has been successful but the dream of being a pilot is still there. My wife and I have discussed selling the business and me returning to flight. I have read a lot of the posts and nothing I came across fit my situation. I am looking for an opinion on what may be the best route and create the best opportunity for myself.

Financially I am able to make this transition. For me I would be interested in what would get me to the airlines the quickest. I never thought I would be doing this again but if I am going to I want to start that journey asap.

Thank You


This is actually an easy one. The Regionals are hiring anyone with 1500hrs and a pulse. Get current, build the time, apply and you’ll get hired.

How to build the time is up to you. Instructor positions are the easiest to find but there may be other opportunities near you depending on how much time you have (at 500 things open up a little more).


Thanks for the reply. I am at about 350 hours. There is an ATP a little over an hour away from me close to Louisville Kentucy. If I went through the steps you mentioned do they consider to hire instuctors like myself. Louisville and Evansville Indiana are the 2 largest cities close to me currently.

My preference would be to flight instuct.

Thanks for the reply


You could inquire (contact ATP admin directly) but understand ATP always gives preference to their students.

You might be better served visiting some local schools in your area.



ATP hires ATP graduates as they are products of the program and certainly know it better than anybody else does. I would suggest getting current and then visiting some local flight schools.