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70 Years Since the First Flight of the Super Connie

Those that have hung around this forum some time likely know that of all the airplanes out there, the two that I get the most excited about are the Lockheed Constellation and the Lockheed 1011 Tri-Star. It has been seventy years since the first Super Connie flew and October 13th marked seventy years since the Connie that is in the Smithsonian first flew.

My wife sent me this link that I thought people might find interesting:

I also recently rediscovered my grandfather’s old Constellation Quick Reference Chart for the various models of the Constellation that TWA flew:

While both the Constellation and TWA have left the skies, both of their legacies as pioneers of transatlantic travel remains and in many ways provided the foundation for modern air travel.

I am also a watch collector. While totally unrelated, one of my favorite vintage pieces is of course the Omega Constellation :slight_smile: