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The Lockheed Constellation

I got a chance to check out an abandoned Lockheed Constellation today in Aquidilla, Puerto Rico. Even though the airplane was in poor shape it still maintained the eloquent lines that have helped make it one of the most celebrated airliners to ever fly the skies.


Very Cool! Since we’re doing aviation pictures, I got to checkout this Ford Tri-motor in CLE 3 weeks ago. It’s being restored by my friend Paul and a few of his buds. He’s actually in the process of writing a new POH for it.

That is really interesting. Did you get to go inside it at all?

Here you go! What’s really cool is Paul is one of only 25 (give or take) pilots in the world with a Ford TriMotor type!

So cool. Now if I could just figure out what the spray bottle is for.

This one is for Chris. A friend posted this pic of them putting the final touches on the TWA hotel in JFK which includes a Connie shell.

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Very cool! I can’t wait to see how everything turns out and am debating on spending a night after it opens but that’s dependent on my writtens being completed.

Also how is your friends Tri Motor coming along since it’s been 3 yrs


He’s been flying that thing around the country for a while now (airshows etc). I’ve dying to go up I just don’t get to the mainland enough.


So cool. I am dying to stay there. Both of my grandfathers were TWA pilots and I remember going through that terminal as a kid.

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Is this the same Tri Motor giving out rides? I took a ride on 9645 while at the CFI Acdemy down in Phoenix back in Late January. They flew this plane into Falcon north of IWA.


That’s her!

I flew right seat my senior year of high school back in 06’. Flew like a brick!



That is awesome. It looks so cool.