Survey: If you could fly one airplane

If for one day only, you could fly any airplane, from any era, what would it be? Anything from the Wright Flyer to the Space Shuttle is fair game.

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I mentioned in the livery post that my grandfather flew the Lockheed Constellation for TWA. After getting to sit in his seat, I completely fell in love with the Constellation. It has such graceful lines and the three tails really make it stand out. Now, I must say that I really prefer Connies with he original nose cone and not the snout that was added to many of them later after the FAA started requiring radar to be installed.

I have become a bit of a Connie stalker and always try to see them anytime I am near one. Last year I flew a try to BQN and came across a decaying, but still impressive Constellation. Search the page for “BQN” and you will find my writeup and pictures.

If i could fly in one plane, probably be the concorde

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Thinking an old Pan Am Clipper (aka Boeing 314). BIG sexy beast AND it lands in water!


I had to give this one quite a bit of thought. My preferred airplane would have to the Concord or the the 747-200. I’m a bit biaed to the 742, but what can I say, like father like son, right?


I’m hoping I can get the chance to fly a 757 at some point before they’re gone. But if I could choose any plane Ever it would be the U2.


SR-71 isn’t bad either. Two well engineered airplanes!

Almost all of our engineering classes centered around those 2!

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I hope you do, too. The 757 is a really wonderful airplane to fly. It has so much power, is easy to land and just looks good.

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One of my favorite instructors at ExpressJet was a U2 pilot. Very cool guy.


Those U2 are crazy looking. I remember seeing those things land and taxi in at Hickam. If I could fly any one plane it would definitely be the Concorde


Tom B?

To add to Adam’s post, here is a picture of Pan Am’s Dixie Clipper, a Boeing 314.



No Bernie A. Was Tom too?

I thought Tom was, too. But I could be wrong.

Have to be a 747 for me (probably any in that family). That was my favorite plane when I was a kid and I only got to fly in one once.


The MD-80 or Boeing 757.

I was pushing the plane back into the hangar today and had overlooked this sticker on the tug many times. Figured you’d like it.

Ha, I like it :slight_smile: