8500-8 and SS# (1st class medical)


I am looking closely into ATP, and will hopefully be starting within a few months pending certain loan issues. My question is this. There is an option to “Decline to submit” your SS# on the 8500-8. Frankly, as a matter of privacy, I would love to not have to give out my social more than I have to, but I also don’t want it to affect my application for the 1st class. I know according to the FAA it is not a disqualifier, but will it look bad with your AME even if it isn’t for any other reason than privacy? Basically, should I put my social on the 8500-8, or is it not a big enough deal that I can avoid giving out that information more than I need to? Thanks!


You need to put your Social Security number down. It is the federal government, they know it anyways, so you might as well play the game.


Thank you Chris,

A question that is unrelated to the previous, I just didn’t want to start a new thread for it. What are some ways you can differentiate yourself when starting the move to the airlines. For instance, the ATP website talks about becoming a Gold Seal CFI. Are there any other ways to make yourself stand out from the crowd to these airlines? Is it worth it to do those things, such as gold seal CFI, money and time wise, to increase the opportunities you can get with the airlines? Thanks!

Hello Chris,

With all due respect to those that have a Gold Seal, in today’s era I think
it’s pointless. The perks aren’t worth it unless you plan on being a full
time CFI for the rest of your career.

Being a CFI with MEI and CFII ratings will differentiate you enough to get
you to the regional level. In terms of getting to the airlines, having a
Gold Seal is a weightless decorative resume builder.

While you’re a CFI, keep yourself informed with industry trends and network
with current airline pilots. Who you know is invaluable.



With all due respect to Tory I disagree. I have my Gold Seal and it was noted when I interviewed for my instructor positions at both airlines I’ve worked for. Will it get you a job? Probably not but it can be that little extra that gets you noticed. Plus you get a cool gold seal on your license :slight_smile:


Thanks guys!


I do feel that the Gold Seal is worth it. For the regionals, you really do not need to do much other that focus on building your flight time. For the majors, things like community involvement, being an instructor at your airline, being involved in committees that help other pilots, etc are all good ways to make yourself stand out from the crowd.


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