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9 months of training

I was wondering how realistic it would be, if at all, to finish the training/certification process in less than 9 months. I intend to dedicate my life to the process by staying as late as I can on a daily basis and going in on Saturdays to get extra practice. Thanks for any info you guys got!


Short answer, yes. It is possible. Probable? No. The program used to be 6
months, but ATP was forced to extend the program to 9 months because of a
shortage of examiners.

You can certainly try your best. Address your ambition with your
instructor. Hopefully their workload permits.


It’s really going to depend on timing. Some people are able to get checkride dates very quickly, some have to wait a little longer. Here at TPA i haven’t heard of anyone waiting very long on DPEs. Weather is the biggest thing holding up checkrides, and once and while it’s a string of bad luck with maitnance. For the most part people are getting their dates 1-2 weeks in advance of their checkride and then work with their instructor to get everything finished up in that time.

Overall program length will depend more on on how prepared you are for lessons and how hard you are studying/learning what you are studying.