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ATP Now 9 Months?!?!

Why is the program now 9 months instead of 6 months? What’s the reason for an extra 3 months? Is this going to mean it is going to take more than 2 years to get 1500 hours? Seen on website where it use to say 2 years now says 1500 hours.

Take a look, there are multiple threads just below yours explaining what happened.



The primary reason for the increase in time was because the FAA was unable to provide check rides in a timely manner. Because of this, students were encountering delays in the program. To address this problem ATP lengthened the program. That being said, if you are dedicated and push hard then it should be possible to complete the program in less time. Yes, it might take a few months longer than two years now. But again, if you are dedicated and work hard the two year time frame should be easily achievable.



As Chris pointed out the reason for the extension is the DPE shortage which is making scheduling checkrides challenging. As he also says if you’re willing to work hard you should be able to keep pretty close to the 2 yr mark as far as getting to the magic 1500hrs.

Please don’t anyone take this wrong and I NEVER want to discourage anyone from asking ANY questions, BUT, this is now the 4th thread on this subject this week. I understand this is a MAJOR change and people have questions (as they should). That said a good pilot takes initiative and one of the key aspects of ATP’s (and the airlines) training is being self-motivated. Again, I never want to discourage any questions but there’s also nothing wrong with taking a look first :slight_smile: