New Time Frame

Hey guys,

I was wondering if any of you guys have any additional information on the change to the time frame of which the program is completed? I noticed it to 9 months if you start from zero hours and 6 months if you start with your PPL.

Thanks guys!

From what I understand, it’s because of a FAA Examiner shortage, which will likely push back all of your checkrides.


There’s another thread on this but as Robert said it’s due to the shortage of FAA examiners. It’s become difficult to schedule checkrides and since you can’t advance without them, ATP was forced to lengthen the program duration to account for the delays. While this will extend the program a few months it will also relieve some of the pressure and afford students a little more time to prepare.


Check out this thread!

Read to the thread! I can’t believe it’s due to a shortage! Just curious, anyone ever thought of becoming a DPE? It seems like it could be an interesting career in the aviation field.

I do often accept they’re set pretty well here in Hawaii.

A good friend is a DPE (works with ATP). He makes more than double as his airline salary. Takes some work and connections but definitely a good gig.


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