$995 NonRefundable Deposit

I tried looking but couldn’t find a concrete answer. Is the $995 expense to secure a class date part of what I just financed? Or is this completely separate and I need to come up with the money? Thanks! Excited!


It’s best to check with admin but my understanding is if you’ve already secured and accepted the loan, they can take the $995 from that, otherwise you need to lay it out yourself and it’ll be applied to the loan.

Again I’d give admin a call just to confirm.



Check out the link below for details, however I did find the answer to your question:

“The $995 non-refundable and non-transferable payment will be applied to the cost of your program and is required to reserve your start date.”


The $995 is part of the total program cost.

If you have financing for the full program cost, the $995 non-refundable first payment will be credited back to your credit card (or form of payment) upon the first loan disbursement.

So to answer your question: yes; not separate.

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