Academic Performance

Two related questions:

Does your academic and practical performance determine your choice of open flight instructor positions with ATP? For example, top student gets first pick?

Also, is this information made known to recruiters at airlines? I’m assuming all data on a graduate’s performance is made available to recruiters.

Final question is unrelated.

What is the payment schedule from the lender to the school? All up front? Monthly?

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  1. No, it does not. Academic and practical performance is not really tracked, check rides are either passed or failed.

  2. The airlines will have full access to your FAA records, but not to your training records.




When you graduate you’ll be given a choice of available locations. There is no preference given based on performance (I’m not even sure how “top student” would be determined?). This is not college or university and FAA examiners don’t give scores. You’re either successful or you’re not.

Again I’m not sure what information you’d like passed on to recruiters? You either satisfy the hiring requirements or you don’t. What I will say is ATP has long standing relationships with their Regional partners and I have little doubt that a student’s attitude (either positive or negative) will be mentioned.

The payment distribution goes by phases of the program. If you visit ATPs website there’s a detailed schedule.