ATP Qualification Questions

Hey guys, I have a question regarding the qualifications of enrollment with ATP. When u fill out the loan application on their website you can either check the box that says zero time or the one that says private pilot license and it affects your loan amount and the time you will spend at ATP accordingly, but what if you are somewhere in between the two? ATP requires that you have your private license and 80 hours. What if I have passed my FAA exam and have 20 hours? Will that transfer? Also, if I take out a student loan to take college courses online, will that make it impossible for me to get a second loan to attend ATP?



You either have your Private Pilot license and 80hrs or you don’t (you may have passed your written exam but that’s not your PPL). You don’t do you’ll be checking the starting from zero box. As for the loan question that’s best off discussed with the finance people at ATP but obviously any additional loans you have or initiate will effect your credit.


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Ok, I’m still trying to decide if I should do 2 years of schooling or attempt to earn my ppl. Thanks.

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