Accumulating flight time

Thank you to all the mentors for answering questions, I have a quick question on building time - just a scenario. If i were to earn my all my ratings at ATP and instruct Monday-Friday for them, would it be possible to still fly weekends at ATP flight school to build extra time on top of the time you have flight instructing? The main concern is there extra cost in flying weekends if you do choose to accumulate extra time outside of flight instructing? Thanks again for answering our questions, this is greatly appreciated.

Hi Emmet,

While ATP does offer Time Building, I believe it’s as a “block” over a consecutive period of time. That said you may be able to discuss some type of an arrangement (but honestly I’ve never heard of anyone doing that?). Keep in mind if you’re instructing for ATP, you’re week is going to be pretty full and while you’re eager to build time fast, everybody needs a break. Fatigue is something you’ll learn about and is responsible for far too many incidents.


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If you chose to instruct at ATP and want to fly more than just Monday through Friday I would suggest that you make yourself available to instruct on the weekends. I am sure that you would have plenty of opportunities for weekend flying and best of all you won’t be paying for it :slight_smile: