Advice on what I should start studying before starting

Hey guys, while I still have months before I start at ATP. I was wondering if you guys could guide me in what to study/brush up on now. I’ll be starting with 0 flight time.


Have you started working on your FAA Written exams yet? If so that’s what we always recommend. While not required, it’s a great idea to get them out of the way so you can focus on your training and daily studies. Here’s a link that could help you get started



I haven’t but definitely will now. Thanks Adam, please let me know what else comes to mind, I don’t wanna show up with the “deer in the headlights” look.


Honestly that’s the only thing I would focus my attention on. ATP will provide you with everything you need to be successful and again doing your Writtens early is not required but strongly recommended. The Writtens can be a bear and although they’re a requirement for each license and rating, the information seldom corresponds with exactly what you’d be studying or working on in the airplane. Getting them out of the way will simply make your life easier.


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Thanks alot Adam, I’ll definitely take your advice and focus on getting the writtens knocked out in advance. You guys truly are awesome on here, can’t tell you how much your responses and words of wisdom mean to me. Thanks for taking the time out to respond.

What books or reviewer should I use to pass the written exams?


Once you put your deposit down with ATP they will provide you with the necessary materials to study for the writtens, which is Sporty’s and Sheppard Air. I would not spend any of my own money on it if I were you.

Thank you Chris! By the way, I bought an atp bundle books over ebay for $100. The problem is they were last year’s bundles. Would they be still sufficient or helpful as a study guide?


They’ll be fine. The FAA only changes the tests every few years.


I wouldn’t worry about your books being a year old at all. Get studying and have fun :slight_smile:

Thank you Chris! I honestly couldn’t wait to take and finish my training!

Hi Bryan,

Would you mind sharing with me which books you were able to obtain in your bundle?
I am looking for study material also which I plan to use while getting ready to apply for ATP (Richmond). It seems it is recommended to pass the written exams prior to starting ATP. Have you heard the same?


All the training materials for the FAA Knowledge exams is included and provided by ATP. Once you enroll, set a date and give your deposit you’ll be given access. Save you money for now.



Preparing for the written exams do not require much correlative knowledge, mostly memorization. However, if you want to reference the source of the information you can download PDFs of the FAA publications on the FAA’s website:

The list looks overwhelming, but the only ones you’ll need is the:

  • Aeronautical Information Manual

  • Airplane Flying Manual

  • Instrument Flying Handbook

  • Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge


Thanks, all! I figured I would start digging in a bit.