Preparing for ATP before you begin

Hey guys (and girls), another question for you…

For anyone who has gone through ATP, what would you suggest for someone who is about to begin the programme in respect to being prepared. What written’s should be completed before arriving and what books? and not just what is required, but if I wanted to go beyond and be extra prepared, what other readings or exams or anything would be beneficial for me? this is assuming I’m coming in with 80 hrs…


I would focus on doing as many writtens as possible, with a goal of getting every one complete prior to training.


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This isn’t required, but you can download the PDF version of the Airman Certification
Standards for Private Pilots. You can read the
instructions on how to use the ACS. The ACS is essentially the study guide
for the practical exam. Any subject is fair game at this point. Have at it.

You’ll receive all of the required books upon selecting a start date, but
the FAA has the same books in PDF versions online. While you’re reading
through the ACS, you will notice a list of references under each topic.
They’re coded. Find the corresponding codes here:

That should keep you busy for a while. It should also keep you organized.
At least you know that you’re studying relevant material.

But like Chris said, the best thing you can do is get as many writtens done as you can.



Can you explain what writtens are?


This should have all of the information you need:

Written Tests are multiple choice tests. All of the core pilot licenses and
ratings require the applicant to pass the associated written test. A
passing score on the written test is just one of many things that makes a
pilot applicant eligible to attempt the associated check ride.