Affording the school

I recently graduated from a college and am looking into becoming a pilot. ATP Airline Career Pilot Program is guaranteeing instructor job after completing school with them.
And I was wondering if anyone knows how reliable is the company and if I can go through with it to become a pilot?

Also like I said in the beginning, I am a new graduate and I don’t have a source of income yet. Would Wells Fargo be a good way to go? I do not have a person who would cosign with me to take out a loan.

Final question is will I be able to pay off the loan that I will have to take out for the school? after I’m done and become an instructor. Looks like the best choice is to take fast track and that costs $73,995.00 for 100 hours of multi and single, not counting the interest that I will have to pay.

Hello Alexi and Welcome,

ATP has been around for over 30yrs and is one of the most reputable and well respected flight schools in the world. I can tell you from personal experience, as well as a long list of friends, they deliver on what they promise. Let me also please say this, this is aviation training, it’s not buying a car. It requires more than just paying them money, it requires some intelligence, skill and a tremendous amount of commitment and hardwork. ATPs training is modeled after that of the airlines. They will provide you with all the tools you need to be successful and become a pilot BUT you need to carry your end as well. Make sense?

If you’re planning on instructing for ATP (which it sounds like you do) the 40 hr multi would be your best option and that would save you $10k. While I paid my loan off after I started flying for the airlines, if you read the other posts (particularly Eric who’s a recent newhire) you should have no problem making loan payments while on an instructors salary (keep in mind we have no idea what you other expenses are?).

Finally as far as financial institutions are concerned I recommend you call ATP (1800-ALL-ATPS) and talk to them about the options available,



Thank you for answering.
I will contact ATP to get more information.




Welcome to the forums!

Like Adam said, ATP has been in business for decades and has a very solid reputation for training tomorrow’s pilots. I know many, many pilots at United who are products of ATP. Go to ATP’s website and click on “Placements”, you will see page after page of students who have been hired by the airlines. If you manage to dig all the way back to 2005 you will find me and Adam in there :slight_smile:

As to paying off the loan, keep in mind the Tuition Assistance Program, it will help pay the bulk of your loan while you flight instruct and during your first year at the airline.

I agree with Adam that you should save the $10k and do the 40 hours of multi engine time program. You will get the same education for less money.

Let us know what other questions you have. I look forward to working with you.