Flight school financing 2

Hey first time on the website and taking my first steps towards being a commercial pilot, my main question now is how did you afford everything. I see its around $95,000 with starting form 0 experience, did you take out a loan and now paying it off, did you get a scholarship with a airline?


Most aspiring pilots aren’t wealthy and there really aren’t any scholarships. The vast majority take out loans just as people do for medical school, law school etc.


That’s understandable, I am going to the ATP flight school here in my city tomorrow morning to talk to admission and see what the first steps are i know i saw on the website they help you get a loan you can apply for so im excited to see what they say.


It is not advisable to just drop into an ATP location. Without scheduling a tour in advance, there is a very good chance that all of the instructors will be busy with students and will not have a chance to speak with you. Furthermore, the Admissions Department is actually centralized in an off site location, so you will need to call them to ask your questions.


okay thanks Chris, ill give them a call in the morning, from what i saw the first step is to take your admission flight with them. One thing i think about is i dont any college behind me just some work experience but form what ive read online degrees aren’t standard nowadays

Degrees are not necessarily standard across the industry. What is standard is proper punctuation, capitalization and grammar. I would encourage you to work on those items as how you present yourself matters in the industry.

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