Age and getting hired

Always wanted to fly and be a pilot. I have decided its now or never. Due to my age I know my options will be limited to how far I can go in my career, (Age 43). My questions, in 2 years when I have all my qualifications done. Will I have trouble getting hired due to my age or because of demand for years to come it won’t matter.

Thanks in advance for you responses.



You’re not too old and no it won’t matter. There are new pilots in their 50s and even 60s getting hired.

If you want more details I encourage you to browse the 1,876,549 threads on the subject or visit our FAQ section as this is the #1 FAQ.




You are not too old, but you are by no means young either. Without knowing your background, it is difficult to really answer your question, but assuming you have no criminal or drug issues, present well and do well in flight training, then yes, you should have a decent shot at getting hired at the airlines. Check out the FAQ section for a detailed post on how age affects career progression.


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I’m almost 51 and will be starting the training in February. I was also accepted into Frontier’s cadet program. So, you’re definitely not too old.


How did you get accepted in the cadet program sir?


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