Age limitation?

Hi dear pilots…

I am one of the members of public (i.e. zero experience in flight) but I am very enthusiastic to become a pilot. I am 40 year old and have been interested in becoming a pilot since I was 8. Basically, at that age my school teacher asked me about my future job and I answered him that I want to be a pilot (and I remember it). However as it turned out I have become a doctor instead. During the past 10 years, I have become increasingly interested to make my dream job happen. I have been to airports around the world just to watch planes landing and takeoff if it means anything.

I have one main question and that relates to age. Is being 40 and starting the pilot programmes to late to have a realistic career?



Take a look in the FAQ section as this is covered in-depth there. The short answer is no, it isn’t too late, but you need to be realistic about your career potential.