Is 30 too late?

Just wondering if 30 is too late to start a career as becoming an airline pilot and flying commercial? Have a military background but no flying experience at all. Always had a thing for airplanes/airports and absolutely love being in the sky. Been so indecisive about what i wanna do with my future and i didnt think it would take me this long to figure out but i know i would absolutely love this career and everything about it but just not sure if im too late for it? If not i would love someone feed back on how to go about it? like what all do i need into becoming a pilot.

thanks, chris


Please visit our FAQ section as we cover this subject at length as well as many other common questions.

Short answer is no.


ok great. thank you

With the mandatory retirement age being 65, 30 is absolutely not too old to start in my opinion.

I started at 30. Airline job on deck, training set to begin this summer. I’ve flown with and trained many people much older than us. Go do it.