AGI inquiry

I am working toward completing my AKTs, including the optional IGI and AGI. Looking through this forum I see a lot about IGI, but not as much about AGI. The IGI closely resembles the IRA and FII (scores 97, 100 respectively). I plan to take IGI this week. Does the AGI have a close match like the IGI or is it more of a stand alone exam? If it has a close match, which exam does it resemble? Recommended order on taking it (i.e. after the CAX/FIA for example). Anyone with any insights please inform. Thank you!


The AGI is Advanced Ground Instructor, if anything it is merely similar to both the CAX and FIA. I recommend purchasing Sheppard Air test prep for the AGI as I have not taken it nor know which test bank it primarily resembles. Maybe someone that has taken the AGI can chime in as well. Congrats on the IRA and FII scores, those are two really good scores. You will want to take the CAX and FIA separately, I have seen individuals try to take them combined and struggle on one or the either.


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Thank you for the advice. Yes, my plan is to take CAX and FIA sequentially but not on the same day. I was thinking AGI might be similar to those and figured I’d get the Sheppard Air study guide for it and take it after CAX/FIA but before FOI. Sheppard Air hasn’t lead me wrong. Great program of study.


As Brady mentioned, I believe the AGI will be close to the CAX and the FIA (probably closer to the FIA). So I’d suggest taking it after the FIA. I haven’t taken the AGI, only the IGI, but I think the AGI will have some additional questions for rotorcraft and potentially lighter than air category aircraft, but most questions will be very similar, if not exactly the same. As you mentioned though, I think it would be best to just spend the extra $10 on the AGI Sheppard air course (discounted since you should have already paid for the FIA), just to be sure. You’ll probably be able to go through it pretty quick if the CAX and FIA are still fresh on your mind. Nice job on the IRA and FII scores! Sheppard Air is the way to go!