Airline Career Program 6 months

Hi, I am considering starting the ATP career pilot program at the Seattle location some time this upcoming year. I would come in with my PPL so I would be looking to do the 6 month program. Do you know the likely hood f finishing it within 6 months? Do most student take more have you heard of anybody finishing it in that time frame ect.? Any information helps, thanks!

I looked back and I went from private with 90 hrs and started training on 1/14 and took my final CFI check ride on 5/14. It can be done but it is a lot of work. You will need to be at the airport 7 days a week.


The vast majority of ATP students finish the program well within the allotted time. As was mentioned, the program was originally slated for 90 days but the time was lengthened to account for the shortage of examiners and other logistical issues. 6 months shouldn’t be problem at all.


Thanks for the info. Do any of you know anything about the Tacoma and Everett locations? Good bad experiences?

Did you unsit any checkrides and how much did you study?

Finishing within six months is very likely, but I would be prepared to spend everyday flying or studying, which you should be doing anyways.