Program Completion - 220 Days & 7 Passes Later

As the time comes, I am officially completed with ATP’s Airline Career Pilot Program Fast Track (Credit Private). Let me provide a quick overview of my time with ATP, I encourage prospected students to skim through the student experiences section – to see what it’s like being an ATP student! If anyone has questions please feel free to reach out, I plan to be actively engaging on the forum and to give any advice or hindsight as possible.

Below are start and completion dates of certain phases of training with ATP:

Program Start Date – July 6, 2020; Credit Private

Private Pilot Instrument Rated – August 31, 2020; 57 days

Crew Phase Start & Finish – September 02, 2020 – September 09, 2020; 7 days

Technically Advanced Airplane (TAA) - September 15, 2020; 2 days

Commercial Single-Engine Pilot Rated – October 08, 2020; 23 days

CFI Academy School (Online & Flights) - October 19, 2020 – November 19, 2020; 33 days

Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) - November 24, 2020; factored in above days

Certified Flight Instructor Instrument Add-On (CFII) - December 12, 2020; 11 days

Commercial Multi-Engine Add-On – January 11, 2021; 30 days

  • A ten-day Christmas break extended the duration of this phase

Certified Flight Instructor Multi-Engine Add-On – January 21, 2021; 10 days

A HUGE thank you to our Pilot Mentors (@Adam, @Chris, @Hannah and @Tory) and Admin (@Addison) for all the advice and suggestions, no matter how repetitive a question may be or awkwardly worded. Without the forum and being able to interact with others and see where others may have struggled/succeeded, it all assisted with developing plans for certain phases of the program. I have met amazing people not only through this forum, but through ATP in general. The experiences, friendships and memories are going to be cherished forever.

I highly recommend to any prospect to give ATP an ear, I promise you these modern planes that we’re flying are amazing. The avionics in them alone are some of the top-notch systems you won’t find everywhere. It is a huge commitment, but what comes with high risk comes with high reward. Focus, determination, and motivation will be your key throughout the program. What you put through for your training is the outcome you will receive; put forth maximum effort and dedication and I promise you…you will enjoy your time at ATP.


Brady Fries
ATP Graduate
Trenton, NJ (TTN)


Hey congrats! I also started the exact same day as you in Long Island, NY (KISP) on July 6th, 2020. However, I started with zero time and not credit for PPL.

I am really going to miss ATP as well when I complete the program. Hope I can instruct for ATP!

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Hey Moe,

Appreciate the kind words! I do remember your start date, you’re in CFI now if I believe correctly. Keep grinding those books, it is a hump of your checkrides and one of the most accomplishing feelings! You might feel a time when things are rough, but trust me, there is light at the end!

I can already tell you my send-off today from the training center was bittersweet, it left me with mixed emotions as how accomplished I felt and how upset knowing that I wouldn’t see everyone everyday. I have been grateful with my experiences and plan to cherish every moment I had with fellow classmates forever. I’ve really had a great experience.



Hey Brady,

Congratulations! I start in a couple of weeks, hopefully the program works out for me as well as it did for you!

What’s next for you? Any idea how the market is currently for CFIs? Do you know if ATP has begun hiring CFIs who don’t come under the guarantee, or are they still working on that backlog?

Congrats again, and good luck!

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Hey Archith,

For the time being, I plan to be home for a little and instruct some local friends, I want to continue keeping my mind sharp. I have ATP high on my consideration list of working for, granted the supply & demand right now is off, I’d love to stay in the ATP family for hire. I have high hopes that ATP will begin a massive hire for instructors as student population grows exponentially in the coming year. The market could swing either ways, but I’m prepared to handle tackle it.

Best of luck with your start, the program flies by quick, you’ll look back and think to yourself “that was super quick, where did the time go.”


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Congratulations on completing the program and doing so well! Thank you for posting this review as well.

Please remember to join the ATP Alumni Association as it is free and there are some great benefits to it.

Please continue to visit the forum and keep us up to date as you progress through your career.

Congratulation again, job well done!


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Hey Chris,

Appreciate everything you’ve done and continue to do for the forum and ATP. As per:

I’ve already registered an account yesterday and was skimming through! Thanks again for everything.



Your positive attitude is inspiring. Apart from the mentors, I think thanks is due for your regular contributions to the forum as well.

Good luck!


Just saw on the Instagram story came rushing over to congratulate ya! :slight_smile:

Congrats, man! Glad to see it

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Congrats Brady! keep us posted on how the instructing goes!

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Appreciate it man! Enjoy MEI, I found it much easier than any other checkride and prepared more than I could have imagined. All of my classmates back in Trenton have been reaching out to me about the social media, it’s been real.

Keep grinding those books, highly highly recommend getting on as many Zoom calls you can with other students to practice teaching PAST & SMACFUM for your MEI! Take a look at the requirements for the checkride and be familiar! Runway Incursion & Endorsements and Logbook Entries are one to not overlook. Best of luck, keep in touch!


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Appreciate the kind words, as always I plan to keep everyone posted and be active on the forum.


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Thank you for the detailed updates throughout your training + regular contributions to the forum. As Chris mentioned, please make sure you join the ATP Alumni Association!

Congratulations on completing the Airline Career Pilot Program.




Thank you! I have already ensured I am registered as an Alumni on the page! It looks like a solid platform.


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Brady! Congratulations man!

You absolutely blew through the program! I knew I recognized your name! It was fun spending time with you at GKY and SGF on crew!

Hope to see you around, good luck!

  • Xavier
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Hope you’re doing well and staying safe! That was a fun flight we all got to do and very unique. Keep in touch and welcome to the forum! Appreciate the kind words my man.


Congratulations Brady! Thanks for the detailed schedule of training.

I’m looking forward to begin training in Trenton soon!

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Thank you man, you’re going to love your introductory flight with Steven or Pierce come this weekend. I have gotten to know both of them very well and know they are great individuals out of Trenton. Trenton is a great area of training because it is surrounded by two busy Class B (Bravo) airspaces containing many great airports such as Philadelphia, Newark, LGA and JFK. You will get a lot of practice when it comes to communications from the gecko.

My advice for you is to utilize every tool ATP gives you from the ATP Library to the Simulators, I heavily stressed on simulators to other students because it’s there and the ability to continue practicing when you’re not with your instructor will help lead to success.


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Excellent, I’m looking forward as well to this weekend. Steven already reached out to me asking to push it back from Saturday to Sunday due to weather.

Thanks for the advice! I will certainly use all the tools given to me. I can’t wait to get into a simulator! I’m sure you’ll see me in your inbox asking you some questions about Trenton and during the program.


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