Airline Career Program for International Students

Hey guys! Having a great time? My name is Benjamin. I am 20 years old and im from the Turks and Caicos Island, currently living there at the moment. BTW im new in here but back to my what I am trying to say. My dream is to become pilot, gain alot of experience and someday fly some of the big boy in the left seat also but where im from limits your experience in aviation, I have no flying experience. I ran across ATP Flight School website when I was searching for Schools that can offer me alot and I really Love the Airline Career Program because you can get a gauranteed job while achieving 1500hrs being a flight intructor too but the thing is im an international student. I had plans to relocate to America as soon as possible to gain alot of experience also. I wanted to try out the loan part as sufficient funds are not lookin good for me either but and again im an international student so I dont know of that would work for me. Im trying to seek some help on how can I join these interesting sections in ATP.

B. Williams

Hello Benjamin and Welcome,

Love Turks and Caicos! Almost as nice as my home in Hawaii :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I’m not that familiar with ATPs International Programs so I recommend you look here (there’s also contact info)

I also STRONGLY recommend you at least get your feet wet and at the very least take a lesson or 2 at a local flight school to confirm that your “dream” is something you really want to fulfill. Many people do but until you’ve actually been up you really don’t know for sure.


We dont have anyone that do any lessons here in our country but i was thinking about coming to america to do an intro flight. But do they international students get the chance to get any loan, become an instructor or get to get a gauranteed position at a regional airline?


As I said, unfortunately I’m not familiar with International Training and recommend you visit the ATP website and contact ATP with specific questions. That said there is a process to do flight training in the USA but before you do you must get cleared by the TSA. Here’s a good reference I found for more info on that . If you did complete the certification and were able to complete the training with ATP, I can’t see any reason why they wouldn’t offer you the same chance to instruct (realize there are restrictions as far as performance goes regarding the guaranteed instructor position and there is NO guaranteed position at a Regional, there’s simply a guaranteed interview). As for the loan I have no idea whether you’d be able to get financing but I can imagine it would be as difficult as me going to a foreign bank in a foreign country with no ties and attempting to do the same.


Hello Adam,

Sorry for the late reply, got in a little incident that kept me down but thanks for the for the reply. I will take some lessons when i get the chance to be in America as im trying to have a new life out there. thanks for the reference, I am waiting on a response from ATP. Once again thanks.

B. Williams